Footprints in the Sand - Eco Trail
Please leave only your footprints

Common Wildlife Tracks
on Pensacola Beach

Wildlife is abundant and active on Pensacola Beach, and there is evidence to prove it. We share our beach with all types of animals, and oftentimes you will find footprints or tracks in the sand where they have recently traveled.

In addition to bird tracks, you may come across crab, raccoon, beach mouse, or even turtle tracks.

Gull and various bird tracks are the most common ones you will find on Pensacola Beach. Among the best places to find them is near the water’s edge. Great Blue Heron tracks are easy to identify due to their sheer size.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtle tracks can be found May through October when the female sea turtles come ashore to nest. Sea turtles leave huge telltale tracks when they emerge from the Gulf and when they return to the warm waters after laying their eggs.

If you are lucky enough to see a turtle on the beach, stay a good distance away and please do not shine flashlights at her or take flash photographs.

Turtle Tracks © DJ Zemenick