Welcome to Spring Break 2019 on Pensacola Beach!

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Adult beverages are allowed on the beach...


Beer Bottle


No Glass



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Dogs are welcome

at two designated

dog beaches.

(Must be on a leash.)

Boy and Dog
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Use caution

Life present

Dangerous Marine

Purple Flag

Purple Flag


Red Flag


Double Red FLag

No Swimming in Gulf

dangerous conditions

High surf and

High Hazard

Red Flag

Red Flag

Swim w Extra caution

Moderate surf conditions

Medium Hazard

Yellow Flag

Yellow Flag

Swim w usual caution.

Conditions are calm.

Low Hazard.

Green Flag

Green Flag
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If you brought it to the beach,

carry it home with you.

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By Katie King

Famed for its soft white sand, emerald-hued waters, and a carefree, easy-going atmosphere, Pensacola Beach has long been a favorite, family-friendly beach destination that locals cherish and newcomers embrace.

Awarded Florida’s Best Beach for the second time in a row in 2018, Pensacola Beach retains its picture-perfect postcard status thanks, in part, to the federally preserved seashore that bookends both sides of the island.

To ensure our beach remains pristine this Spring Break and is enjoyed by everyone, here are a few tips to guarantee everyone has a great time, stays safe and respects our beach community.


At Pensacola Beach, safety is our number one priority. You may notice colored flags flying at lifeguard stations and other beach entrances. This warning system is designed to alert the public about surf conditions. Here is what they mean:

Green flag– Low hazard. Conditions are calm. Swim with usual caution.

Yellow flag– Medium hazard. Moderate surf and currents. Swim with extra caution.

Red flag– High hazard. High surf and dangerous currents. No swimming or wading is allowed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Double red flag– WATER IS CLOSED. This is used during hurricanes or natural disasters. No swimming, wading or surfing is allowed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Purple flag– Dangerous marine life is present. Exercise caution when in the water or on the shoreline.

Most importantly, know how to swim if you are going into the Gulf and always swim near a lifeguard. Lifeguards will be stationed daily starting March 1 at Casino Beach, with patrols driving the island, as necessary. Lifeguard stations at Park East, Park West and Quietwater Beach will be manned depending on staffing availabilities.

Current flag colors and surf conditions are also accessible online at pensacolabeachlifeguards.com. In case of emergency, notify a lifeguard or call 911.


Adult beverages are allowed on the beach. Glass containers, underage drinking and public drunkenness are not. Illegal drugs and driving under the influence will not be tolerated. Laws and ordinances will be strictly enforced by Escambia County Sheriff’s Department, for everyone’s safety.

Wherever you’re staying, please be respectful of your neighbors and keep your noise level in check.

Motorized vehicles, generators, grills, fires and any open flames are prohibited on the beach, as well.


Rule of thumb: If you brought it to the beach, carry it back with you.

Trash cans are provided near beach entrances, and you are asked to fill in any holes you may dig in the sand as they can trap sea turtles that nest and hatch on the shore from May through October. Protecting the sea turtles is also why you are asked to turn off beach-facing porch lights after dusk, and refrain from using flashlights on the beach at night.

Dogs are welcome at designated dog beaches only. You’ll find two dog beaches on Pensacola Beach for dogs on leashes and their owners. As always, please be courteous and remove pet waste.

Remember the motto, “Leave Only Your Footprints Behind.” If you follow that advice, you will help to preserve the natural beauty of the beaches and help to ensure all residents and guests can have an enjoyable experience.


Here’s wishing you safe travels and many green flag days!