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Shenanigans is not just a band, it’s an experience.


In 2007, four extraordinary musicians and one very average one got together to jam in a living room. (The average one brought the beer.) None of them knew that they were taking the first steps toward turning their very expensive hobby into an adventure that would take them around the world. Well, Northwest Florida, but it’s only been 17 years, so, you know… there’s still time.


Shenanigans includes Robert Brainerd on guitar, Jereme Rightley on drums, Tommy Siren on bass, Rob Brown on guitar and vocals, and lead singer Teddy Siren.


With five separate personalities and skillsets, Shenanigans creates a show unlike any other party band in the world. It’s not a show you go to, it’s a show you participate in, and a show that creates memories unlike any other. You aren’t asked to sing along with the band, you’re pulled up out of your seat, thrown onto the dance floor, and forced to become a part of the entertainment.


Pensacola Beach’s FREE outdoor summer concert series features performers for every musical taste and is held each Tuesday night from 7-9 p.m.